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TECHFLOW is one of the pioneers in the design and manufacture of all types of flux supply, flux recovery, flux heating, flux screening, flux baking and flux conditioning. For example, flux recovery technology is designed for productivity, worker safety, regulatory requirements, and delivery. Optimal performance with the lowest feasible operating costs.

What is Flux Baking in Submerged Arc Welding?

The granular flux used for welding is a type of granular insulating material composed of a large number of small particles. In submerged arc welding (SAW), granular flux covers the weld and protects it from sparks and spatter. In SAW, granular flux is often the means to achieve high retention. Flux also helps to produce the common types of high quality welds in this particular weld process.

The flux is fed to the flux baking oven where it is baked and soaked to prepare for Submerged Arc Welding operation.

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Why Flux Baking is important?

  • Protection from contamination present in ambience
  • To stop the flux from getting wet
  • Stabilizing the welding arc for smooth continuous weld finish
  • Keep the flux dry and ready for welding
  • Supresses the welding fumes and harmful radiation in submerged arc welding

A flux baking and recovery system be categories as below:

  • Portable Flux Feeding (Gravity Type) & Recovery Systems
  • Semi-Auto Systems (Flux Baking, Flux Feeding, Conditioning Unit & Recovery)
  • Complete Automatized System (Flux Baking, Feeding, Recovery, Heating & Conditioning)

Welding Flux Baking & Recovery Unit:

  • Techflow manufacturing immerses Arc Welding Flux Baking system, pressurized Air operated venturi sort Flux Baking Unit for automation in welding applications.
  • Usually the submerged arc welding fume baking & recovery operates with 1kW to 15kW power flux baking ovens. Flux baking, pickup & supply are self-regulating by maintaining vacuum inside the system from centrifugal blower. Lightweight and dense models are obtainable on demand or request.
  • Entire Flux Baking and Recovery System is made fully automatic by using various level sensors, level switches, auto feeding line and standard FRS Control Panel.
  • A flux baking unit is an essential extension to the submerged arc welding procedure. Techflow developed flux baking unit dwell of a direct-drive vacuum, pump with cyclone separator, Separable collection tank, and Magnetic filter having hopper unit.
  • The temperature of the flux is maintained by heating coils inside the hopper unit. Techflow Manufactures customized models as per Submerged Arc Welding Manufacturers.

Submerged Arc Welding Flux Baking System:

The submerged Arc Welding Flux Baking System is an important mechanism to compile the Additional flux after welding Operations. It is functioned with a centrifugal blower to construct suction in the hopper. Due to the raised vacuum surplus flux is sucked and collected in the hopper. Because of the forced gravity, welding flux is carried downwards and fills the welding area. These two procedures work parallel so that welding flux baking is automatized. Further flux will be bundled in a hopper in contact interval periods.

The internal heater unit heats up the Welding flux oven. The next temperature modification will be obtainable with the control panel. The magnetic filter stops the metal waste from getting mixed in the welding flux.

You can effortlessly attach our system to your welding automation unit. Powerful suction sucks the flux in a bit of time to the hopper unit. An automated filter cleaning system or manual filter cleaning system enhances the suction execution of the vacuum unit. Some portion of flux is also retained in the collection tank for reusable purposes. Three-phase filters boost the filtration efficiency of the flux baking unit.

Techflow Flux Baking & Recovery System

Techflow Enterprises Pvt Ltd are the most trusted manufacturer of Flux Recovery System from India. We have successfully installed Flux recovery units in well-known SAW plants in India and overseas.



Features of Flux Baking

  • Customization as per requirement
  • Continuous duty operation
  • Low maintenance due to direct drive blower
  • Integrated cyclone arrangement
  • Dust collected in Bag filter with easy discharge
  • Customization in flux recovery conveying system as per plant layout
  • Ready to use plug and play model
  • Heating coil for flux baking
  • Multi Flux Hopper with Lower Maintenance
  • Appropriate for Constant Duty functions
  • Magnetic filter for metal removal from recovered flux

Advantanges :

  • flux_baking

    Compact Design

  • flux_baking

    Lower Maintenance

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